Club History

Carolina Warriors Football Club is an amateur soccer club located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Currently Carolina Warriors have 2 teams playing in Triangle Adult Soccer League and 1 indoor team in XL Soccer.

Carolina Warriors FC started the journey in the Fall of 2015 at TASL Men’s League. Soon after, it added the Indoor team to its list. The club added a Co-Ed team to in the Spring of 2017 to play at TASL Co-Ed Division. The rosters for all three teams are full of Ex-Collegiate, Club and High School level players, supported by some strong amateurs.

The club experienced its biggest success in December of 2016, when it became the runner-up in a regional tournament, Carolina's Cup Men’s Open Silver division. While losing in a final of a regional tournament, by a solitary own goal after dominating the entire game, was painful for the club and the players, but the Warriors Pride made the club even more determined to continue the success and rebuild to achieve the goal.

Soccer in Raleigh

Raleigh-Durham has become one of the biggest soccer heavens in North Carolina. With the 4th largest group of amateur players in USA, North Carolina has become home for many skilled amateur players, with Raleigh-Durham being at the forefront of that success. The success is even more evident with the local professional club, North Carolina FC’s (formerly known as Railhawks) bid for MLS status. North Carolina FC has also brought in the most recent Women’s Champion team in town and will proudly be known as NC Courage.

Triangle Adult Soccer League is the largest amateur soccer league in North Carolina. With over 3,000 registered members, it boosts the best level of competitive amateur soccer in the state, region and the country. Fueled by a successful youth program (CASL), the area has a natural source of talented youth soccer players, where many moves on to play in TASL. The growth of the area also brings in past collegiate players in the area, who plays in TASL, to provide the diversified global taste of the sport.

Carolina Warriors FC had been showcasing diverse style of players within its roster with players from roots in various different countries besides US. England, Northern Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Haiti, China, are to name a few.

Soccer: The game for life – Carolina Warriors FC continues to promote USASA (United States Adult Soccer Association) moto through its fun and competitive style of the greatest game in the world, Football (Soccer).

If you would like to join the movement/club, please feel free to contact us.